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Script to deploy a VM based on debian template (in our case). The script add IPAM entry for an IPv4 address and an IPv6 range, and deploy/configure a VM based on the VM conf file (see vm-template.conf).

How to use

  • Define your IPAM credentials in file "cred" and adjust parameters in "deploy_vm.conf" file
  • Copy the VM conf file template : cp vm-template.conf vm-user123.conf
  • Adjust all parameters in new file vm-user123.conf
  • WARNING : if the SSH public key isn't correct, nobody would be able to log in the VM after deploy.
  • Run the script : ./ vm-user123.conf

If problems

  • If the script fail and already do updates in IPAM or on the VM, you can manually finish the deploy OR delete IPAM entries (1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 range), delete the VM, rectify to avoid the problem and retry deploy

To do

  • Variabilize some parameters like adminsys e-mail address, ...
  • Verify if VM conf file parameters are numbers before test the interval (actually in the same line)
  • Verify deploy_vm.conf parameters