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ToDoList (not exhaustive)

  • Complete iptables role for routers (FORWARD, NAT, ...).
  • Complete sysctl customizations role for routers (forward) and RA.
  • Create Icinga2 server (conf hosts) and clients roles.
  • Add a pre-task which can install python-apt, gentoolkit or python-yum if not installed (with shell module).
  • Add roles for different function:
    • DNS authority
    • DNS resolvers
    • OpenVPN server
    • Wireguard server (or tinc ?)
    • BGP router
    • Key server
    • LDAP server
    • Mail server
    • DOH server
    • Weechat + IRC Relay
    • GIT
    • Pad/Paste/...
    • Build server (Gentoo builds)
    • Nextcloud
    • Zabbix/LibreNMS/autres trucs à tester
    • Tests (ex: restauration backup)
    • Kubernetes cluster


  • Role munin-async: add possibility to deploy multiple SSH keys (if multiple Munin server).
  • Role munin-node: add some plugins / custom configurations for more details.
  • Test deploy all the infrastructure to validate ansible-base.
  • Role icinga2_server: add hosts.conf and hosts files via ansible (and not manually)