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jabbersend is a Ruby script to send XMPP (jabber) messages.

Original script by Harisankar P S ( at



  • Ruby 2.5.8+
  • RubyGems

Example, to install Ruby and RubyGems on FreeBSD:

pkg inst devel/ruby-gems

Then, install xmpp4r gem:

gem install xmpp4r

or if you want to install the gem only for your user:

gem install --user-install xmpp4r

Install the script

mkdir ~/bin
git clone
cp jabbersend/jabbersend ~/bin/
chmod 700 ~/bin/jabbersend


Edit ~/bin/jabbersend and fill myJID and myPassword

# settings
myJID = ''
myPassword = 'securepassword'

Check if $HOME/bin is in your $PATH

echo $PATH | grep $HOME/bin

If isn't the case, add it according to your shell. Example for Bash:

PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin; export PATH


The script will send a jabber message to the specified JID by the -t option. The subject can be specified using the -s option, and the body can be specified using the -b option. If the body is omitted, it will be taken from stdin on run.

Send a message

jabbersend -t -s "This is a test" -b "Hello, how are you?"

or by this way

echo "Today is a beautiful day!" | jabbersend -t -s "This is another test"


jabbersend -h