Dynamic DNS Connector for NetBox Fork of https://github.com/sjm-steffann/netbox-ddns
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Dynamic DNS Connector for NetBox

This plugin lets you define DNS servers that support RFC3007 Dynamic DNS Updates. For each server you specify which domains and reverse DNS domains it is responsible for, and after that NetBox will automatically send DNS Updates to those servers whenever you change the DNS name of an IP Address in NetBox.

Updates are sent from the worker process in the background. You can see their progress either by configuring Django logging or by looking at the Background Tasks in the NetBox admin back-end.

For now all configuration is done in the NetBox admin back-end. A later version will provide a nicer user interface.


This plugin in compatible with NetBox 2.8, 2.9 and 2.10.

NetBox 2.10 introduced breaking changes that make it unusable for my own use cases. There is work being done to create a fork of NetBox that is friendlier to both network operators and contributors. My future work will be in support of that.


First, add netbox-ddns to your /opt/netbox/local_requirements.txt file. Create it if it doesn't exist.

Then enable the plugin in /opt/netbox/netbox/netbox/configuration.py, like:


And finally run /opt/netbox/upgrade.sh. This will download and install the plugin and update the database when necessary. Don't forget to run sudo systemctl restart netbox netbox-rq like upgrade.sh tells you!