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Check system configuration for a gentoo machine (VM or PHYSICAL) based on GRIFON's architecture. It's a Gentoo OS configuration recipe. This script normally doesn't modify anything on the system.

To use (with root user) : mv ./vars.example ./ vim ./ # Edit all values which will be used by the script ./ [--physical]

If you cannot execute the script, add the 'x' permission for the user (chmod u+x ./

Not finished, in progress....


  • Check if borgbackup is configured (OK, need to be fully tested)
  • Check if auto-update script is configured
  • Portage configuration (for VM and Physical)
  • Others (script design, documentation...)

Checked point :

  • User is root to run the script
  • Check requirements
  • Installed packages
  • Hostname configuration
  • DNS configuration (resolve external name, configured nameserver, check if all IPs (scope global) are configured in DNS and check if the hostname has A and AAAA recods in DNS)
  • Ping external machine for IPv4 and IPv6
  • If Admin IPs are configured
  • Services status
  • SSH configuration (PasswordAuthentication no, PermitRootLogin no, and ListenAddress only on Admin LAN)
  • NRPE basic configuration (allowed_hosts, nrpe_user and nrpe_group)
  • MUNIN basic configuration (allow and port)
  • SNMP basic config (agentAddress, rocommunity, trap2sink, informsink, sysLocation and sysContact)
  • Mail alias configuration (root and operator mail alias configured)
  • Check postfix config (inet_protocols, mail_owner)
  • Add to check service if they are enabled
  • Check if IPs (scope global) are recorded in IPAM
  • Check if the selected Gentoo profile is the expected profile
  • Print additional manuel verification (send reporting mail, if /etc conf file need to be updated, if a new kernel can be installed, if server-side for Icinga, SNMP and Munin are configured)