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@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Not finished, in progress....
- Check if borgbackup is configured (OK, need to be fully tested)
- Check if auto-update script is configured
- Portage configuration (for VM and Physical)
- Add other check to Portage configuration (CHOST, GRUB_PLATFORMS, GENTOO_MIRRORS and CPU_FLAGS_X86 for VM and Physical hosts support)
- Others (script design, documentation...)
Checked point :
@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ Checked point :
- Mail alias configuration (root and operator mail alias configured)
- Check postfix config (inet_protocols, mail_owner)
- Add to check service if they are enabled
- Check portage configuration (FEATURES, PORTAGE_BINHOST, ACCEPT_LICENSE and USE for VM)
- Check if IPs (scope global) are recorded in IPAM
- Check if the selected Gentoo profile is the expected profile
- Print additional manuel verification (send reporting mail, if /etc conf file need to be updated, if a new kernel can be installed, if server-side for Icinga, SNMP and Munin are configured)