Add routes and make ARP/NDP permanent when a VM is moved to a proxmox node
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prefix = /usr/local
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/sbin
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/etc/proxmox-routing
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/etc/systemd/system/
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/etc/logrotate.d/
cp $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/sbin/creationRoutesVM
cp $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/sbin/
cp $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/sbin/
cp creds.example $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/etc/proxmox-routing/
cp vm-routes-creation.service $(DESTDIR)/etc/systemd/system/
cp vm-routes-creation.logrotate $(DESTDIR)/etc/logrotate.d/vm-routes-creation.conf
rm -r $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/sbin/creationRoutesVM
rm -r $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/sbin/
rm -r $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/sbin/
rm -r $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/etc/proxmox-routing/
rm -r $(DESTDIR)/etc/systemd/system/vm-routes-creation.service
rm -r $(DESTDIR)/etc/logrotate.d/vm-routes-creation.conf