bird looking glass
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This is a looking glass for the Internet Routing Daemon “Bird”.

Software is split in two parts:


    It must be installed and started on all bird nodes. It act as a proxy to make traceroute and bird query on the node. Access restriction to this web service can be done in file “lgproxy.cfg” (only IP address based restriction for now).


    This is the frontend, a web based UI that request informations to all nodes. The domain and the list of all bird nodes can be done.

                                    +--> * *
                                    |    ***************
********       *******************  |    ***************
* USER * ----> * webserver/ *--+--> * *
********       *******************  |    ***************
                                    |    ***************
                                    +--> * *

bird-lg depends on :

  • python-flask >= 0.8
  • python-dnspython
  • python-pydot
  • python-memcache
  • graphviz
  • whois
  • traceroute

Each services can be embedded in any webserver by following regular python-flask configuration.

Source code is under GPL 3.0, powered by Flask, jQuery and Bootstrap.

Copyright © 2012 Mehdi Abaakouk

Happy users