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Alarig Le Lay 85a2aac10b
net-dialup/freeradius-client: Try #1 to fix AR
преди 10 часа
acct-group AS-Stats → as-stats/ преди 1 месец
acct-user acct-user/as-stats: Lowercase преди 1 месец
app-misc/ckb app-misc/ckb: Removing useless lines from Manifest преди 3 месеца
app-text app-text/urlview: moved to net-misc преди 1 месец
dev-libs dev-libs/olm: Import from guru преди 3 седмици
dev-perl dev-perl/Parse-Method-Signatures: Removing blocking dep преди 1 месец
dev-python dev-python/matrix-nio: New ebuild преди 3 седмици
games-misc/fortune-mod-fforde games-misc/fortune-mod-fforde: Removing useless lines from Manifest преди 3 месеца
games-server/factorio-server games-server/factorio-server: Removing old versions преди 1 седмица
games-util/factorio-mod-updater games-util/factorio-mod-updater: Removing old version 0.1.0 преди 3 седмици
licenses acct-group/factorio: New ebuild преди 2 месеца
mail-filter/sieve-connect mail-filter/sieve-connect: Stabilisation of 0.90 for amd64 преди 2 месеца
media-gfx/libsane-dsseries-bin media-gfx/libsane-dsseries-bin: Import from sattvik преди 4 дни
metadata Switching to thin-manifests = true in metadata/layout.conf преди 4 месеца
net-analyzer net-analyzer/nagios-check-zfs-linux: Correcting manifest преди 2 седмици
net-dialup/freeradius-client net-dialup/freeradius-client: Try #1 to fix AR преди 10 часа
net-dns net-dns/nagios-check_dane: Switching to python-r1 преди 1 месец
net-firewall/ipt_netflow net-firewall/ipt_netflow: Add IPv6/dot1q patch to all versions преди 1 месец
net-im/dino net-im/dino: New ebuild преди 2 месеца
net-libs net-libs/ripe-atlas-sagan: New ebuild преди 2 месеца
net-mail/swaks net-mail/swaks: Stabilisation of 20190914.0 for amd64 преди 2 месеца
net-misc net-misc/routinator: Version bump to 0.7.1 преди 1 седмица
net-wireless/wavemon net-wireless/wavemon: New ebuild преди 1 месец
profiles Initial commit преди 2 години
www-apps www-apps/converse-js: Installed dir in empty преди 2 месеца
www-client/ripe-atlas-cousteau www-client/ripe-atlas-cousteau: Correcting deps преди 2 месеца
www-misc/as-stats-gui www-misc/as-stats-gui: Lowercase username преди 1 месец
x11-libs/vte x11-libs/vte: Stablisation of 0.58.3 for amd64 преди 2 месеца
x11-plugins/purple-discord x11-plugins/purple-discord: new ebuild (git version as there is no release) преди 4 месеца
x11-terms/rxvt-unicode x11-terms/rxvt-unicode: Removing useless lines from Manifest преди 3 месеца Note to check for unmaintained ebuilds преди 2 месеца

Gentoo overlay

This overlay aims to provide some ebuilds that I need and are not in the official repo or in another overlay.

If some package is broken, you could open an issue here or send me an email or contact me via IRC.

Example of repos.conf

location = /usr/local/overlay/SwordArMor
sync-type = git
sync-uri =
auto-sync = yes

Side note

If you are looking for packages which need maintainers from ::gentoo, you can get a list from those that are installed with those two line.

source /etc/portage/make.conf
grep -r maintainer-needed "${PORTDIR}" | sed -E 's|('"${PORTDIR}"')/(.*)/(.*)/.*|\2/\3|' | grep -P "^$(qlist -I | sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/\n/$|^/g')$"