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Alarig Le Lay 3b4bbb4987
net-misc/youtube-dl: Remove old version
1 week ago
FORT-validator net-misc/FORT-validator: Version bump to 1.3.0 1 month ago
bird net-misc/bird: Remove useless files 2 months ago
exabgp net-misc/exabgp: Version bump to 3.4.28 and 4.2.6 3 months ago
ipdecap net-misc/bird: dropping 2.0.5 5 months ago
openbgpd net-misc/openbgpd: Version bump to 6.7 2 months ago
ripe-api-client net-misc/ripe-api-client: New ebuild 3 months ago
routinator net-misc/routinator: Version bump to 0.7.1 1 month ago
rpki-client net-misc/rpki-client: Dropping old rpki-client-0.3.0 2 months ago
urlview net-misc/urlview: mv 2 months ago
youtube-dl net-misc/youtube-dl: Remove old version 1 week ago